Monthly Archives: December 2012


I live according to the academic year. I think in terms of semesters and summers, homecomings and spring breaks. Maybe this is because I grew up in a college town. Maybe it’s because I secretly hope to be a perpetual student. Maybe it’s because I’ve managed to keep one foot in Neverneverland and avoided–up till… Read more »

Behind the Magical Door

Hi, friends! Today’s post comes from Jill, our counselor… During an afternoon therapy group with all of the residents, I was pleasantly surprised at how great our kids are at critical thinking. The activity started with each kid having a sheet of sketch paper, crayons, and good listening ears. I read them a paragraph that… Read more »

Awards Day

Hi, this is Erin. Welcome to our new adventure at Palmetto Place – our blog! We really enjoy sharing snippets about our kids on Facebook, Twitter and through our enewsletter. But we think it’s time for more! We hope you’ll learn a little more about what we do and about what our kids go through… Read more »