Monthly Archives: May 2013

All in the Details

I can’t remember what I wore two days ago or what I had for dinner last night, but the details about kids at Palmetto Place Children’s Shelter never leave my mind. We have more than 100 kids who live with us each year and as the school year comes to a close, I’m thinking back… Read more »

Mother’s Day

Today’s post is from Kat Heavner, one of our grad students. Happy Mother’s Day and we hope you enjoy this story! I happened to be in the kitchen a few days ago when one of our house parents was welcoming a 4-year-old home from school. “How was your day?” “Great!” She was preparing his snack,… Read more »


Today is a day to believe in miracles. A young new resident was seeming a little shy and very homesick, and we thought a new stuffed animal to cuddle might be just the trick. “What kinds of animals do you like?” we asked. “Monkeys!” she said. “No” to dogs, cats, bears, snakes. “Monkeys and people,”… Read more »