An Inside Look at Palmetto Place

Today’s post comes from Victoria Infinger, our communications intern.   You’ve heard our mission statement: Palmetto Place Children’s Shelter provides a safe and nurturing environment for abused and neglected children and unaccompanied teens, offering them a broad range of services concentrating on personal healing and development. The shelter is open 24 hours each day of the… Read more »

Happy New Year!

Each year, our counselor, Jill, works with our kids to write New Year’s Resolutions. It’s a good time to set goals, maybe close the door on a rough year and, of course, start fresh. This year, Jill added a little something to this fun activity. She asked the kids about last year – what did… Read more »

Jenga, Anyone?

Today’s blog post comes from Jill Lawson, our crisis and transitions counselor. How often does your family get together and play board games? At Palmetto Place, we get creative in using fun games to also teach life skills. And believe it or not, recognizing emotions and feelings is an important life skill. Here’s how we… Read more »

The Life of a Potato

Today’s post is from Jill Lawson, our counselor, who always finds amazing creative ways to help our kids. What better way to start a group on Diversity with our residents than to get creative with a sack of potatoes. Our kids all have an array of life stories – different ways they grew up, different… Read more »