Safe & Dry

Update, Thursday, Oct. 7, 2015 Palmetto Place is very fortunate to have fared well through the flooding. We’ve had water damage to our office and we, like many others, are on a boil water advisory, which could last for some time. We are so grateful to everyone who has provided food and water, plus activities… Read more »

Kevin’s day off

Monday marked the first day of school for our children… well, everyone except Kevin. Kevin was thrilled to have the whole big house and all of the houseparents’ attention to himself today. He said that he woke up later than everyone else – and it “ROCKED!” Later, he took his two new favorite toys, Batman… Read more »

Learning New Names

I learn so much more from Palmetto Place than I will ever be able to teach. This proves itself to me time and time again, particularly when I need a reminder of what’s important (and thank you, God, for those reminders). This week’s lesson was about learning names. We have wonderful houseparents and other staff… Read more »

When the phone rings…

When the phone rings at Palmetto Place, there is a good  chance that it’s a placement call, a DSS caseworker from Columbia or somewhere around the state trying to find a place for a child who has been abused or neglected. I dread those calls because, so often, we are full. I dread having to… Read more »

Black History Month at Palmetto Place

One of our values at Palmetto Place is teaching our kids. We do that in many ways, from learning manners to learning how to do chores to learning about important events in our country. Tonight begins a month of Black History Month activities at Palmetto Place. Our kids are choosing great African American leaders, inventors,… Read more »

An Inside Look at Palmetto Place

Today’s post comes from Victoria Infinger, our communications intern.   You’ve heard our mission statement: Palmetto Place Children’s Shelter provides a safe and nurturing environment for abused and neglected children and unaccompanied teens, offering them a broad range of services concentrating on personal healing and development. The shelter is open 24 hours each day of the… Read more »

Snow Days

We’re snowed in again! Our 20 kids love it – just like your kids do! But it takes a lot of preparation to get ready. A few of you have asked what our plan is and we thought you’d all like to know. Here’s how the average week works – We keep our large storage… Read more »

The Whole World in His Hands

Ariel, 3-years-old, went home to live with mom and her older brother last week. She and her brother had come to us in mid-December, though he was moved to another facility during the summer. Ariel had hardly any words in her vocabulary when she first arrived. She learned to speak, thanks in large part to… Read more »

Mother’s Day

Today’s post is from Kat Heavner, one of our grad students. Happy Mother’s Day and we hope you enjoy this story! I happened to be in the kitchen a few days ago when one of our house parents was welcoming a 4-year-old home from school. “How was your day?” “Great!” She was preparing his snack,… Read more »