Kids Activities

The Promise of Spring

We love watching the seasons change and spring in South Carolina might be one of our favorite things. Even after the hardest of winters, the trees and flowers begin to bloom and give new life once again. For the kids and teens we help every day, it’s a visual reminder that life might not always… Read more »

Palmetto Place is Family

Monday evenings are my favorite time during the work week because all of our teens pile into my office (and eat all of my candy) to tell me about their weekend and funny stories – along with the dozens of needs they each have for the week. Last Monday, as they were telling me about… Read more »

A New Year’s Resolution

One of our favorite activities each January is the kids’ New Year’s Resolutions! We thought you’d enjoy seeing what’s on their minds for 2016. Our youngest, a 4-year-old, wants to eat more Chinese food and to go to school. This week we were able to enroll her in 4K. A 7-year-old boy wants a pet… Read more »

Dear Santa…

All of our kids wrote their letters to Santa earlier this month and, as you can probably imagine, Santa received a wide range of requests. Our little boys asked for action figures, toy airplanes and footballs, our teen girls want hair supplies, make up and jewelry. One wanted help paying for her dream prom dress…. Read more »

Kevin’s day off

Monday marked the first day of school for our children… well, everyone except Kevin. Kevin was thrilled to have the whole big house and all of the houseparents’ attention to himself today. He said that he woke up later than everyone else – and it “ROCKED!” Later, he took his two new favorite toys, Batman… Read more »

“I can’t believe we moved to Disney World!”

I’d spent weeks planning a beach trip for our kids – everything from our accommodations and sleeping arrangements to packing towels and toys. I had never been to Hilton Head myself and thought I may have been more excited than the kids (I mean after all, we were staying at the Disney Beach Resort)! The… Read more »

Black History Month at Palmetto Place

One of our values at Palmetto Place is teaching our kids. We do that in many ways, from learning manners to learning how to do chores to learning about important events in our country. Tonight begins a month of Black History Month activities at Palmetto Place. Our kids are choosing great African American leaders, inventors,… Read more »

Fight, Flight or Freeze

One’s true coping skills becomes apparent when loss occurs. Fight, Flight, or Freeze. In the world of caring for kids who have experienced trauma and loss, I preach “express your feelings” and resiliency on a daily basis. (Who actually practices what they preach most of the time?) Anyhow, some kids fight the loss and trauma… Read more »

Palmetto Place Receives Yoga/Music Therapy Grant

Palmetto Place Children’s Shelter is pleased to be the recipient of a $6,000 grant from the Parrish Family Foundation for yoga, music therapy and other shelter needs. With this grant, the kids at Palmetto Place will participate in yoga classes taught by Kyra Strasberg and music therapy classes with Key Changes Therapy Services. Younger children benefit… Read more »