February Needs

Last month we didn’t have much on our needs list- the donations we received in November and December had completely filled our storage spaces! But, we use more than 25 rolls of paper towel 5 gallons of laundry detergent each week! In January we used a good bit on the items that were donated in the months before.

This month we have a brand new needs list for you :
Teen House Needs:
Laundry Baskets
Laundry Soap*
Scrub Brushes
Disposable Shower Caps
Dish Washing Liquid
Paper Towel
Bath Towels
Dish Towels
Ramon Noodles
Canned Ravioli/Spaghetti

Children’s Shelter Needs:
Room Spray

Bath Towels
Laundry Soap*
Paper Towel

Door Hooks (for WIDE doors!)
Book Shelves

Tension Rods for Curtains (4)

*We prefer scent and dye free laundry soap.

February Needs

A huge thank you to Vivian Benefield for organizing the storage closet at the Children’s Shelter! Now it’s easier to tell what our greatest needs are. Check out these before and after shots:




20170127_122507 20170127_122443 20170127_122229