What Can Someone Do To Help?

We couldn’t manage day to day without our wonderful volunteers! Palmetto Place understands the importance of volunteers and the invaluable contributions they make. Volunteers’ time, energy and talents help make Palmetto Place a better place. We understand that it is through their tireless giving that we are able to exist.

Volunteer Handbook

For more information on volunteering, please contact us by clicking here. Volunteers must be 18 or older.

United Way

We use United Way of the Midlands’ Volunteer Center to help manage our volunteer needs. Check their webpage to see our current needs, opportunities, and events!

Wishlist Collections

We have renovated our original campus and now we need to fill it with furniture and other decorations! To find out what we need, see our Housewarming Flyer. We also have a few volunteer opportunities available before we move back in! Please visit our Wishlist page for more information on our needs.

Super Suppers

We love when volunteers cook or provide meals for our kids. Our house parents work hard and it gives them a much needed break. Please click here for more information about cooking dinner for our kids.

Sponsor an Outing

Volunteer groups often sponsor a trip to the movies, bowling, skating or other activities for our kids. We typically have 14-18 kids for an outing. We can arrange to meet your group out. Please email us for more information or to schedule an activity.

Lunch and Learn

Are you interested in learning more about Palmetto Place Children’s Shelter? Are you part of a company that would like to support us, but not sure how? Great news, we are re-launching our lunch and learn program! If you are interested in learning more email our Project Coordinator.


Palmetto Place is grateful for the assistance that interns provide. We are able to accept a limited number of interns for Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

When applying for an internship, you will need to provide a detailed plan indicating the projects you would like to work on, your available schedule and your educational goals for the internship. We will interview all potential candidates and all interns will need to pass a background check prior to placement.

To apply, please forward a cover letter, resume and plan to our admin.