What’s on your household shopping list? Yours is probably very similar to ours, only a bit shorter! This is a great way to share our most needed items with your church, office, or club to collect donations for us!

You can check out our Amazon wish list: Amazon Wishlist.

Or, if you’d like to add us to your shopping list the next time you hit the grocery or discount store, here’s a list of what we need:

Kitchen & Laundry Supplies

~heavy duty paper/styrofoam plates
~plastic forks and spoons
~paper/plastic cups (16-18 oz)
~laundry detergent (high efficiency only)
~disinfectant sprays
~spray bottles of cleaning liquids (409, clorox, works, etc.)


~individually packaged snacks (chips, crackers, fruit cups, etc.)
~face wash
~spot/over the counter acne treatment
~plastic/vinyl shower curtains
~birthday candles

Gift Cards

Of course, we can always use gift cards and gift certificates to supermarkets and discount stores like Target and Wal-Mart. Gift cards to clothing stores like TJ Maxx, Ross, or the mall are nice for our teens. We are always in need of certificates or coupons that we can use to entertain the kids while they’re at the shelter. The children enjoy going to the movies, bowling alleys, skating rinks, fun parks, etc. And all that play makes for hungry mouths, so they also appreciate gift certificates to fast food or kid-friendly restaurants!

A note on clothing and toys

**We have recently received very generous clothing donations and cannot accept any clothing at this time.**

Due to lack of storage space, we can only accept a limited number of toys and clothing throughout the year.

Please call or email before collecting clothing or toy donations or candy and sweets.

Please ensure donations are new or gently used, not broken or missing parts, and appropriate for teens and children over the age of 5.



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