What’s on your household shopping list? Yours is probably very similar to ours, only a bit shorter! This is a great way to share our most needed items with your church, office, or club to collect donations for us!

You can check out our Amazon Wishlist for a full list of items our shelter needs or if you’d like to add us to your shopping list the next time you hit the grocery or discount store, here’s a list of what we need most: Wish List. Don’t forget, when you use Amazon Smille your purcase goes even further!

Did you know the average person eats 5-pounds of food each day? That’s 700 pounds of food each week here at the shelter! The best way to help stock our shelves is to donate gifts cards to local grocery stores. Gift cards allow us to buy fresh fruits, veggies and meats weekly, keeping our kids on a balanced diet! If you would rather donate nonperishable  items, call us today to schedule a pickup!